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Quality control, vendor inspection, expediting and engineering are an integral part of project| activities. “A Complete solution of your project requirements." These services compromise engineering, inspection of mechanical discipline at the vendor's works. Complete Quality control of plate and tubular steel mills, piping's, vessels, Aluminium smelter plant (Super structure, Anode Beam,Pot shell, risers, cathodic ,etc.,) inspections, structural works, pre-shipment inspection, Quanitity/Quality survey expediting at vendors works, In addition offshore works (Tie-in Platforms, PDMs, Boat landing strucures), Casting inspection, static and rotatory equipment inspection and technical capability audits, a total engineering solution and technical staffing whether for new construction or ongoing maintenance, our inspection and expediting services give confidence that purchased items/equipment's/pressure vessels will meet the specification requested by the Owner Including Welding Procedures, welder Qualification support for any type of materials.


A complete solution of your inspection requirements

A complete solution of your inspection requirments Vendor inspection sometimes referred to as source inspection or third party inspection covers. Inspection activities performed at manufacturer's works of all mechanical items that are purchased by clients within the Petrochemical, Oil and Gas and mining industries AWA is able to accommodate from a single order to multiple orders for an entire project. Scope or level or inspection is determined by the client's requirements which are normally controlled by a quality plan. This scope can range from final Inspection to an intensive inspection regime starting from the pre-production meeting through identification and Inspection of all raw material Inspection at all prescribed hold point stages, witnessing all tests, verification of all documentation and certificates and certificates & final release inspection. Inspection activities are achieved using our resource base of field engineers are inducted in accordance with our quality management system and are assessed on an ongoing basis for capability and competency. This has a direct, positive Impact on the quality of the inspection services we provided.


The total tractability of your assignment

Today expediting is an integral part of the procurement process. In the past, expediting has been considered a corrective function rather than a preventive function. However, as both the schedule and the pricing of projects continue to become increasingly critical, expediting should be incorporated in the project planning at the onset to ensure the required timely delivery. Expediting is a continuous process, commencing at the lime of order placement, of ensuring that final delivery of goods and documentation to the job site is achieved within the shortest possible timeframe. Expediting service should be implemented independently of inspection activities and be carried out by experienced professional field expeditors who have a sufficient understanding of the material on order to enable them to work with the manufacture to minimize the timeframe for each. Manufacturing phase as much as is physically and financially possible. Depending on client requirements, expediting services may apply at different stages of a protection such as fabrication and assembling, rectification work material deficit. Failure on test or inspection, shipments and submission of documentation.


Where the quality doesn't compromise

Quick response to your technical staffing needs" Finding the right candidates fast for your contract technical staffing needs can be a challenge. AWA steam of experienced recruiters can help to solve this challenge by selecting precisely qualified candidates in various field i.e., Construction, Quality, HSE, etc., to fill your position


An economic solution in qualitative way Temporary spikes in demand for engineering resources and the need to control the project and or salary costs usually drive the need for engineering outsourcing. The AWA can understand / address the client design requirments by delivering your project on time and on budget. Equally valuable is the Opportunity to access our problem-solving an urgent problem or meeting a looming deadline. AWA has the resources, organization and innovative thinking to support your technology outsourcing needs. When you outsource an engineering job or project through AWA, you will have direct access to your engineer or engineering team leader. This fact direct access takes full advantages of the power of communication in effective team work and problem solving.


Zero tolerance to client requirements

Integrated management systems make business processes more transparent, reduce specific errors and support a particular group of employees. Integrating numerous autonomous systems operating in parallel creates a leaner management structure to provide you a more effective and efficient overview of your business at any given moment. Our expert consultants support you in developing Integrated Management Systems (IMS) relevant and appropriate your business strategy, using the high level structure guidelines, we help you the instruments and methods of you existing management system into a uniform structure and provide you a supplemental solution when needed to ensure your IMS is performing at the highest possible potential.


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